Make The Switch - 3-Piece Kit



Every step along our own path is purposefully taken to share the incredible benefits of nature’s skin-quenching nutrients with the greatest respect for our planet.

Enjoy a specially curated 3-piece kit formulated from sustainably sourced ingredients, housed in our Ocean Waste Plastic™ aquamarine packaging.

Includes Aquagel Oil to Foam Cleanser 30ml, Aqualight Moisture Gel Lotion 30ml, Aqua Restore Eye Essence 3ml

 Aquagel Oil to Foam Cleanser

Create space for the ritual of cleansing and restore pure radiance with Aquagel Oil To Foam Cleanser. Sustainably harvested seaweed extracts Ephemer™ and Tasmanian Kelp gently purify, melting away all traces of the day without stripping essential moisture.

Aqualight Moisture Gel Lotion 

Restore total equilibrium with antioxidant-loaded Aqualight Moisture Gel Lotion. This super sheer moisture veil absorbs instantly to protect skin from environmental aggressors, brighten and boost pure radiance.

Aqua Restore Eye Essence

Welcome each day refreshed by infusing the delicate eye area with pure radiance. Our Aqua Restore Eye Essence offers skin energising nutrients to soothe, refresh and reduce fine lines for beautifully bright eyes

Syrene Skincare

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