The deep sea is our constant inspiration.

We embody the gentle purity of the untouched New Zealand Pacific Ocean and the rich marine nutrients it offers.

Miracle macroalgae Ephemer™ is at the heart of every Syrene product, which means that no matter what formula you reach for, you can expect transformative results.

ANTIOXIDANTS are needed to fight oxidative stress caused by free radicals.

OXIDATION is a word we don’t often think about related to skin. Just like metal compounds oxidising (rusting) or an apple turning brown once you’ve cut it, well our skin oxidises too which is why we need antioxidant ingredients to prevent this.

FREE RADICALS are naturally occurring, unstable extra electrons that seek out other extra electrons from healthy cells, damaging them and creating more free radicals in the process. They cause DNA damage in cells throughout the body, including the skin, leading to inflammation and deterioration of the cells.

UV DAMAGE - as we age, our skin is more and more exposed to the elements and UV irradiation causing our skin to lose elasticity, increasing fine lines and wrinkles. Our skin begins to essentially lose the ability to “bounce back.”

ANTIOXIDANTS, like our hero ingredient Ephemer™ bind to free radicals before they can cause this damage. They help correct and prevent signs of ageing, help skin repair itself by promoting collagen production and help brighten the complexion.


EPHEMER™ is a macroalgae cell extract derived from brown algae, Undaria Pinnatifida.

THIS PRECIOUS MACROALGAE contains stable, specific molecules that are nutrient-rich and fast-acting on the skin.

ITS FREE RADICAL SCAVENGING POWERS actively repairs skin at a cellular level to protect and reduce the signs of ageing, for a radiant complexion.

The macroalgae cells only live for a few weeks and are unstable and not available in the ocean in large quantities.

Syrene is cultivating these cells in photobioreactors as a world first stem cell technology of macroalgae cell culture. It gives stability, as conditions can be controlled and optimised, allowing for maximum antioxidant efficacy.

This process also reduces the environmental footprint and contributes to the sustainable sourcing of this raw material.


Ephemer™ macroalgae cell extracts’ antioxidant concentration is 8 times higher than the common seaweed, helping skin actively repair itself much faster and for much longer.

After just 1 hour, Ephemer™ gives your skin cells immediate higher antioxidant protection and decreases free radicals by 100%, specifically targeting the mitochondrial cells, where the common seaweed extract has no efficacy.

After 8 days, the active enzyme in Ephemer™ increases cell energy by 63%, which plays a crucial role in protecting the mitochondrial DNA, giving your skin cells long-term antioxidant protection.

After 28 days, Ephemer™ gives your skin cells long-term antioxidant protection, increasing the skin's antioxidant capacity by 15%, meaning your skin has a better recovering response to oxidative stress from free radicals and explicitly targets the tissue level, the second and third layer of the skin.


Ephemeral moments are all the most precious & memorable.

Enjoying the present time is a luxury and we invite you to indulge in a precious journey to find a moment to relax and look after your skin.

Syrene shares the self-care journey to a state of calm through our consciously formulated skincare range.

We live and breathe the spirit of our brand here in New Zealand, with the Pacific Ocean acting as a gentle yet powerful daily reminder to breathe and make time for self-nurture. These are the precious moments we all need to make time for a skincare ritual, to embrace our own beauty and be able to share our best selves.


A curation of light, moisture-boosting, and anti-ageing kits rich in antioxidants to protect your skin from free radicals and to repair skin at a cellular level, leaving your complexion radiant, hydrated, fresh and firm.

These are our gifts from the sea.