Tips to treat and enhance your skin’s natural radiance

Life is a beautiful gift that proves we have lived, laughed, and cried. All those things are part of what makes us who we are. 

At Syrene we encourage a positive outlook on ageing and have created a kit that assists you on your skin journey. You can count on Syrene to take care of your skin no matter what stage of life you're in.

We created the Age Defying Kit to soothe, treat and enhance your skin's natural radiance. 

A few tips to get the most from your Age Defying Kit:

To prep your skin, cleanse both morning and night daily. Aquagel Oil To Foam Cleanser contains Glycerin to prevent stripping your skin's natural oils and restores a natural balance in hydration, alongside this it contains natural cleansing properties, Cocamidopropyl Betaine and Iselux Ultra Mild that work in harmony to clear clogged pores.

It is well known that cold weather can cause your skin to dry out just as much as hot weather. For a quick rescue treatment, use the Aqua Hydrating Masque and apply a thick layer to your face and décolletage and leave for 15-20 minutes. Once you've rinsed your skin, apply the Aqua Intense Cream to lock in moisture.

The Aqua Intense Cream contains L22, a natural ingredient that is the botanical equivalent of the skin surface of a healthy 22-year-old adult. In comparison with common emollients, L22® improves the function of your skin barrier. Use the Aqua Intense cream to repair your skin barrier and give your skin a smoother appearance.

Ephemer is our miracle marine active that is formulated into every product in the Aqua range. The benefits to Ephemer are endless including helping maintain and boost skin elasticity. The Aqua Hydrating Masque is infused with the highest percentage of Ephemer™, so if your skin is feeling like it needs major R&R, apply the Aqua Hydrating Masque in the evening after cleansing using the Syrene limited edition copper masque brush, and leave it on overnight to work its marine magic!

Shop Ephemer™ Infused Age Defying Kit valued at $209.99 NZD