The Beauty of Slowing Down

Join the ‘serene’ movement. Slow beauty is at the core of Syrene’s values. It’s a philosophy going back to ‘less is more’. Using only what’s necessary to achieve the results you need and taking a slower approach to beauty and your inner health.

 What is slow beauty?

This movement is a journey towards mindful behaviours in direct response to a lifestyle that has become too fast. Slow beauty is about accepting and embracing behaviours that will encourage a positive change for you and the environment.

At Syrene our goal is to support you on your journey to slow down and reflect on the present moment. Our ethos ‘more than skin deep’ was inspired by one aspect of the slow beauty movement that has caught on in recent years. Slow Beauty is about taking the time to appreciate and care for our bodies and souls through simple, natural rituals. It's about rejecting the idea of beauty as something that can be bought or achieved through quick fixes. Slow beauty is much like slow fashion, investing in quality products that are going to make a difference to you and the world around you.

We created our marine based skincare products with the element of quality over quantity. We have only 7 products in our Aqua range. Instead of introducing frequent new product launches, we focus on the small range we have and encourage the ritual of minimal beauty and incorporate Syrene into your life with a sense of calm. 

Tips on incorporating slow beauty into your routine...

Simplifying your beauty routine and only adding products to your beauty shelf that ‘sparks joy’, a famous quote from Marie Kondo - if it doesn't spark that joy you don't need it. This helps reduce consumption. 

At Syrene our efficacy is ingredient focused. We create our unique formulas with a minimal list of ingredients that are tested and proven to drive results SO instead of having a 12 step skincare routine, strip it back,  and focus on finding products that help you achieve multiple benefits.

If you want to take care of your skin, you should also take time out for yourself to de- stress. In whatever form that may be, whether it's going for a walk or reading a book. This will help reduce daily stresses and take care of your mind and soul. You will see the benefits on the outside, in the form of healthy skin, too!