Welcome a #SyreneSunday skincare ritual with these Syrene Mantras

Capturing the wisdom from the pages of Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s Memoir, ‘Gift From The Sea’, each product in the Syrene range shares a pared back mantra for the modern Syrene woman. Centred on creating the space for the ritual of Syrene skincare, every sentiment shared is anchored in product benefit infused with the spirit of sensorial experience. These mantras whisper calming words from the sea.



Create space for the ritual of cleansing and restore pure radiance with our Aquagel Oil To Foam Cleanser. Seaweed extracts Ephemer™ and Tasmanian Kelp gently purify, melting away all traces of the day without stripping essential moisture. 

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Rejuvenate and restore pure luminosity with the gentle firming properties of our Aquagel Refresh Toner. Formulated with Marine Collagen, Seaweed Extracts Ephemer™ and Larch Tree extract, this toner uniquely offers both tightening and hydration for a beautifully balanced complexion. 

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Restore total equilibrium with our antioxidant loaded Aqualight Moisture Gel Lotion. This super sheer moisture veil absorbs instantly to protect skin from environmental aggressors, brighten and boost pure luminosity. button to shop lotion.

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Elevate your skin to a state of pure luminosity with our Aqua Intense Cream. This potent blend of marine collagen gel is infused with the replenishing properties of youth serum L22 to bring soft, plump, brighter skin. 

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Welcome each day refreshed by infusing the delicate eye area with pure luminosity. Our Aqua Restore Eye Essence offers skin energising nutrients to soothe, refresh and reduce fine lines for beautifully bright eyes.

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Inspire the sensory experience with an invitation to pause and indulge in our gifts from the sea with our nutrient infused Aqua Power Masque. Like no other, our treatment masque quenches both face and neck with a dedicated sheet to deliver intense hydration and pure luminosity. 

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Relax into the moment and allow time to stretch while your skin is treated to our Aqua Hydrating Masque. Nourishing skin with a potent blend of quenching Marine Collagen, Manuka Honey and Black Fern extracts, this deeply restorative gel is luxuriously light in texture and formulated to bring pure luminosity.

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Embark on a full sensorial experience with the ultimate in skincare minis, our Travel Companion for pure luminosity on the go.

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