Slow Beauty

Beauty insiders have been weighing in on the slow beauty trend for a while now and even though the whole idea of a trend is that it comes and goes, this is one we can all plan on making last. Much like slow fashion, and understanding the ongoing impacts that mass consumption has on us and the environment, slow beauty is about investing in products that will actually work. It is about finding products and brands that not only work for you and your skin but whose ethos is centred around sustainable methods and intelligently sourced ingredients. Slow beauty is about buying fewer, higher quality products and being a mindful consumer when it comes to waste and ingredients being used.

There’s no denying that skincare is definitely on trend as of the last few years, and I know beauty writers everywhere are saying that it’s been far longer - but for the everyday consumer, skincare is “it” right now. There are entire websites, blogs, vlogs, Instagrams and even TikTok channels dedicated to beauty and skincare. Whether these creators are talking about the latest in luxury skincare or their pharmacy secret weapons or it’s our favourite celebrities talking about their 45 step beauty regime, we want to know more about it and there are people willing to talk for HOURS about how to achieve the ultimate glow.

But the best thing to come from all of these platforms, is information and conversation. And it’s not only professionals weighing in but also consumers. When it comes to spending your hard earned money on skincare, it’s good to know what is what. Especially in this economy! Rather
than always jumping onto the newest and most buzzed about products (although they have their time and place for sure) it’s important to remember that investing in skincare looks different for everyone. But if you are looking to invest in more premium quality products in smaller amounts, then there are a few things to consider before clicking “buy now”.

  • Always ask questions - if there is a word or ingredient you aren’t sure about then ask the brand or a trusted skincare professional. (Beauty writers are also a wealth of info if you have access to them!)
  • Do your own research - ask your friends or someone you know who has used the product before and see what they honestly thought.
  • Find out what your skin needs - is this product right for it? Remember that not everyone’s skin is the same! What works for one person, might not be the case for another.
  • Quality over quantity - buy less and buy better. But don’t completely rule out a pharmacy find. Some of the best beauty finds come from pharmacies or supermarkets and also helps balance out a luxury skincare splurge (I am all for that high-low balance).

Our lives are busy - our jobs, technology, the state of the world we live in, it’s all moving very quickly and can feel like a head-spin most of the time so it’s no wonder we are all searching for moments to slow down. For a lot of us, slowing down is hard work. Switching off is tough and it always feels like there’s more to do. But I am a firm believer that even 10 minutes of alone-time to go through your skincare routine is akin to meditation (well for me anyway). The small act of taking time to put on your lotions and potions and sit in a mask for 15 minutes helps decompress and allows space for a few mindful moments.

A staple in my beauty cabinet is the Syrene Aqua Hydrating Masque - created with, sustainably sourced ingredients including Marine Collagen which I love. This was an ingredient I had never really had much to do with before this mask came into my life. It helps increase the skin’s moisture levels and creates a protective shield to help care for stressed skin. It’s the perfect product for all year round too, whether you have spent a few too many hours in the sun and sea or during the cooler months when it feels as though the winter chill has sucked every last drop of moisture from your skin. This mask is the equivalent of chugging a bottle of water, but for your face. It’s the best way to add an element of luxury and indulgence into the skincare routine. I suggest popping it on twice a week, light a candle, have a cuppa, and enjoy some quiet time.