Ocean Craft

Syrene's constant inspiration is the big blue and so is local Aotearoa jewellery designer, Naomi from Found Treasure. Naomi shares her love and passion for the ocean through every single hand crafted piece and we wanted to find out a little more.

Tell us a bit about Found Treasure. What inspired you to start creating jewellery?

Found Treasure started through combining my love of the ocean with creating meaningful gifts by hand. I love the sculptural element of making and how you can have a piece that you can wear, enjoy and share. Found Treasure first started with making seaglass rings for friends and now I am creating collections and designing wedding bands, which is such a dream come true. Each time I am designing a new piece It's through my connection to the ocean, from a tiny shell found on a favourite beach to fluid shaped rings inspired by the tides and constant motion of the sea. 

I've always been artistic but when I found jewellery everything came together for me. I really enjoy making with my hands and the personal connection jewellery has as a maker and for my customers/clients. Found Treasure has started creating a community of ocean lovers and conscious gifters which I am so grateful for. I treasure each opportunity of being invited to create a surprise ring or design a meaningful gift. I love making with precious metals because of the inherent value of each piece, knowing that the metal will last a lifetime and beyond is so special and meaningful for me.

Syrene and Found Treasure draw inspiration from the ocean to create its products, what is it about the ocean you love most and why?

Growing up by the ocean, it's always been an important part of my life. It's where I go to ground myself no matter where I am in the world. It's where I feel most calm and where my fondest memories are. It's a place to connect with nature, the elements and escape the business of the world. Each time you go for an ocean swim or a surf, you learn something new, about the tides, about the waves and at the same time, being in the ocean putting everything into perspective for when you step back onto land.

Tell us a bit more about your skin journey so far.

Growing up I loved getting into a skincare routine and learning about the benefits of natural ingredients. I've always had slightly dry skin so I look for products that put moisture back into the skin whilst also soothing after a long day in the sun and sea. The past year I have been using Syrene's Radiance Kit which has everything I need from morning to night, plus the masks which I use at the weekend. 

How do you usually spend your Sunday and what are a few rituals you do to unwind and look after your mind, body and soul?

Waking up early on a Sunday tends to mean not staying up late on a Saturday, which gives me the best start to feeling my best and taking time for myself. Getting out in the ocean with my partner and friends is the best way to spend a Sunday. We feel very lucky to have the East and West coast to choose from depending on the swell. Seeing friends in the ocean is a magic kind of meeting place, where you're all so happy to see each other whilst cheering each other on, it's the best. 

If we can also fit in a bush walk in the afternoon, whilst taking some photos in nature, I find this great for preparing for the week and is a great place to open up and talk about what's happening at the moment. I tend to write lists to empty my mind too. Winding down for the evening with a cup of my favourite chai, cocoa and oat milk mix I start my skincare routine. I enjoy taking the Sunday evening for myself to reset and recharge. I tend to go through each step of the Radiance kit and apply my mask whilst warning my boyfriend 'I have my mask on' before he sees me hah. 

What does skin health mean to you and what are your go to Syrene products to look after your skin?

Skin health for me is a reflection of what's been going on for me at that time. It can reflect where I am on my cycle, If I have been drinking enough water and moving my body enough. I think these things are the most important elements to pair with a great skincare routine. The Aqua Intense Cream is my favourite product, I like the gel-like texture which feels super cooling in the evenings and tend to use it quite generously. When I use this product it feels like I'm doing everything I can for my skin, it feels super luxurious as a product and I can tell my skin loves it as well because in the mornings my skin is moisturised and fresh for the day ahead. I like to use the Aqualight Moisture Gel Lotion in the mornings which absorbs into my skin really fast and then I apply my SPF ready for the day!

Visit Found Treasure at foundtreasurejewellery.com