Navigating Skincare in your 30’s

Our very own Graphic Designer at Syrene HQ, Erin Clarke has been struggling with her skin for years. She’s opened up about her skincare journey so far and how she’s getting it right in her 30’s.

Entering your 30’s is hard enough as it is, however, the biggest challenge I faced was navigating skincare that would be suitable for my now mature (but still acne prone) skin. Battling severe adult acne all through my 20’s, I was determined to start my 4th decade with that clear glowing skin I have long been dreaming of, but where on earth do I start? There’s no shortage of brands and products out there, I mean there are so many options in this trending and fast-growing industry it is seriously overwhelming. You’ve got Retinols, AHAs, Glycolic Acids, then there are serums, toners, night creams, day creams, eye creams, anti-aging… the list goes on and on. 

In my 20s, I never once committed to a brand, and just like in my personal life, I had to give everything a go, after all you never know until you try? If I’m honest, I committed to make-up over skincare. I experimented more with makeup brands (high and low end), because I had it in my head that if I wore that $100 foundation then I would look as flawless as the model promoting it. I was too naïve and in denial to really understand that what would have been more beneficial to me, was to invest in my skincare over makeup, the products that my skin was crying out for. So when my 30’s started approaching I took to it with a whole new attitude, that I would research and invest in my skincare so that I could feel confident leaving the house make-up free.

After experimenting with various brands and products over a few years with claims that did not live up to my expectation, I happen to fall upon Syrene while scrolling through Instagram (yes I was influenced)! I researched the brand further and was really intrigued with the products on offer and of course that beautiful aqua packaging had me sold. After finishing a couple of rounds of Isotane once I hit 30, my skin was extremely thirsty and calling out for help. After the first couple of weeks using Syrene in my daily routine, I had already noticed a huge difference. I was glowing and my overall skin tone and texture looked healthy, something I was adamant I would never achieve in my lifetime. 

From that first time I used the Aquagel Oil to Foam Cleanser, I knew I was in for a treat. Not only is this super gentle on my skin, this is the first oil cleanser that actually took my makeup off on the first go. I always follow this with the Aquagel Refreshing Toner, the first toner I have ever used in my life, and the name says it all, refreshing is the one and only word I would use to describe this ocean heaven you get transported too. I follow these steps with the Aqualight Moisture Gel Lotion for my morning moisturiser. This is a little golden gem that I really think helps with the natural glow by being so super hydrating without feeling like you have just put a whole bottle of serum on.

For the little extras, I love using the Aqua Restore Eye Essence in the morning as this helps to de-puff my always tired eyes. Its cooling to the touch and feels like you have just had cold cucumber slices on your eyes for the last 10 minutes. 

My favourite in the hydration game is without a doubt the Aqua Hydrating Masque. I lather this on every second or third night all over my face and neck and let this soak in overnight while I sleep. I love using this with a brush as it gives the illusion you are having a spa treatment, so it feels even more like a treat. I use a derma roller once a week, and this is my favourite product to use afterwards, as this cool gel helps to calm the redness. I always wake up with plump skin the following morning, which is way better than the old tired, dull skin I used to wake up and see. 

For me, I found that by curating the perfect skincare collection, I now have a regular and strict skincare routine that I actually stick too daily. I still add in the serums, oils and retinol where I can, but I also believe in giving your skin a breather every now and then.

With thousands of brands out there, and while I was fully in denial, realising that not everything works for every skin type, there are beautiful products out there for you and your skin. While it is impossible to know for sure how your skin will react to certain products until you try them (get testers where you can), don’t feel deflated if a brand isn’t working for you, even if it seems it’s works for everyone else on social media.   

There are many things I have taken away from navigating skincare in my 30’s, but please remember you are beautiful no matter what! It doesn’t matter if your $10 cleanser works for you while your friends use a cleanser that sets them back $100, you are an individual, your skin is unique to just you and you know what will work best. Don’t try and force a certain brand or product onto your skin to try and fit in. If you do force a product on, you could potentially do more damage than good. Be gentle with your skin, double cleanse on days you feel you need it, always take your makeup off every night and don’t forget your neck!