Layering Up Your Skincare

Winter has well and truly arrived, just yesterday I went for my daily jog around the block to get a crispy croissant and came home with a pink nose and what a drama queen might define as ‘frosted fingertips’. My fingers were almost completely numb, I guess, I do jog at a snail’s pace, it’s a joke that I can’t even heat up my body’s temperature naturally. No, it’s actually criminal how horrendous I am at exercise, but you’ve got to give me credit for trying, especially during the colder months.

Winter brings with it the cosy, the cool, the early nights by the fire burning your sensitive tongue on piping hot choccies, it’s the season of scraping the frost off your windscreen so you don’t collide into oncoming traffic, it’s the season of layers, of course, your favourite hand-me-down thermals that never seem to hole and swish new designer hoodies, but also skin layers. Winter, if managed correctly, is your skin’s time to shine.

When creating an appropriate skincare routine for the winter months, you should keep front of mind how the colder weather impacts your skin’s barrier. Basically, winter = dry, sensitive and irritated skin.

Your body naturally produces sebum, sebum is an oil that acts as a protective barrier to keep the moisture inside your skin and as a result, keeps your skin hydrated. The cooler temperature reduces your body’s blood flow and affects the rate at which your body naturally produces sebum, meaning we have lower levels of sebum in our skin’s epidermis, meaning our skin becomes dehydrated, very quickly.

Your winter skin maintenance should be focussed around hydration, so it’s all about putting as much moisture back into your skin. Winter is for gentle cleansers, ditching physical exfoliants and following the forever skincare rule of thumb, thinnest to thickest.

Now, I know I’m writing a guest blog post on Syrene’s Journal, so it would be assumed that I mention the brand and how it relates to this whole story, but honestly, Syrene speaks for itself. You could not ask for a better winter companion than Syrene, a brand that combines efficacious, active ingredients from the sea (this screams hydration) to deliver you a beautiful range of elixirs that melt into your skin, offering rich, marine nutrients to nourish, hydrate and repair – basically, it’s a huge yes from me.

As I was saying, you should layer your skincare from thinnest to thickest, think a light-weight toner to a juicy, voluminous masque

We need to talk about skincare pilling.

Skincare pilling, a coined beauty term, is when topically applied products start ‘balling-up’, like, when they clump. Do you know the pilling on your favourite sweater? Yeah, that’s what can happen on your face too. It’s yuck and honestly, so avoidable.

Pilling happens when products aren’t being absorbed into your epidermis entirely, it’s the build of residue and it causes clumps that cover your face. Now, if you follow the above rules that I’ve mentioned, you shouldn’t have an issue. But, and this is a huge but, some people think that you need to separate your steps using set time periods, the internet is a vortex of information and credible beauty platforms vary in opinions, some experts say you should wait 2-3 minutes between steps, with others going up to 30 minutes. Anecdotally speaking, I wait for a maximum of a minute between steps and I never rub in my products, well, I try not to. It’s all about tapping gently, it’s the best way to push in the love.

My Syrene Shutdown

With all that in mind, I’m going to lay out how I shutdown my face at night using my favourite Syrene gems. I’m a big night owl, in the morning I’m two steps (max), but at night I am over-indulgent, it’s how I shutdown my day and everyone knows you kick the dryness at night – if you wake up with dry skin, change your bedtime routine, not your morning one.

  1. Cleanse – cleansing is non-negotiable, listen to me, from now on we’re all double-cleansing, especially in the winter! No excuses. If you’re wearing extra makeup to cover the pesky dry patches, you’re going to want to strip it all off at night. So Syrene’s Aquagel Oil to Foam Cleanser is the perfect part one of your two-part cleanse. Hot tip: don’t towel off completely, keep it moist between steps.
  2. Toner – a toner is a fabulous second wind, Syrene has perfected its Refreshing Toner and I immediately notice an impact on my skin’s tone and texture upon application.
  3. Essence  – if I am feeling extra boujie, which I always am, I’ll slather on an essence eye cream. Syrene’s Aqua Restore Eye Essence is on my current top-shelf.
  4. Moisturiser – it’s the winter, my skin is screaming for a humectant and I am going to give it what it wants. I’ll lock my fresh, clean skin in with Syrene’s Gel Lotion, it’s simple, it doesn’t irritate and it’s also a great handbag friend for 24/7 application.
  5. Masque – I’ve spoken about this product in the past so much, everyone knows Syrene’s Aqua Hydrating Masque is the go. Honestly. YES! This overnight gel masque restores all lost moisture, it’s a bucket of water for your face, it’s antioxidant, it’s loving and it’s fabulous. So cheers to you, Masque, you dewy, plumpy, beautiful wee thing.

Lights out, see you soon.
Liam x