7 active ingredients to give you the plumpiest, dewiest, comfiest skin yet

We thought we would touch on the subject of active skin ingredients that have been thoroughly tested and picked out by us to give you transformative results. Syrene’s actives are natural ingredients that have been scientifically proven to change the structure of your skin at a cellular level. They’re the ingredients that work to repair, rejuvenate, hydrate, protect and nourish your skin cells. Every single Syrene product is formulated with a range of natural active ingredients to provide you with the plumpiest, dewiest, comfiest skin yet.

1. Vitamin C

We searched worldwide to find the most powerful source of Vitamin C and found the Australian Kakadu Plum. We have found this to be much more potent than the common L-ascorbic acid form found in many other skincare products on the market. Kakadu Plum Vitamin C extract is a glow-inducing active and formulated into Syrene’s Aqua Power Masque. It is a powerful antioxidant which helps protect your skin cells from environmental aggressors like, air pollution, smoke and sun exposure which accelerates the ageing process. Instead, its antioxidants bind to these free radicals so your skin cells don’t! You’re left with a much glowier and even complexion. If you're after a bit of r&r use the Aqua Power Masque for your face AND neck to discover what the power of Vitamin C can do for you.

2. Aquaxyl

Vegan and natural! Aquaxyl is a moisturising complex and comes from two water-binding plant sugars, glucose and xylitol. Aquaxyl is a magical moisturiser that not only moisturises but more importantly boosts hyaluronic acid production (found naturally in your skin) and also help limit water loss by improving the skin barrier with increased lipids (ceramides and cholesterol) as well as protein synthesis. Magical, we know. 

In vivo (on people) tests show that applying 3% Aquaxyl not only increases the water content of the outer layer instantly and in the long run, but it also visibly improves cracked, dry skin and smoothes the skin surface after a month of treatment.

All in all,  Aquaxyl™ is a goodie and if you have dehydrated, dry skin it's something to look for. You’ll find this active  in Syrene’s Aqualight Moisture Gel Lotion, Aqua Restore Eye Essence and Aqua Power Masque. By adding all three products into your routine, you’ll be using over 6% Aquaxyl daily. This screams dewy, comfy skin to us.

3. Witch Hazel

This active sounds witchy don't you think? well it kind of is. it was discovered centuries ago and used for it's medicinal properties. Now, very much loved in skincare formulations to help inflamed, stressed skin as well as provide antioxidant protection. You'll find Witch Hazel in our very own Aqua Power Masque.

4. Contacticel

Contacticel is one of the unique marine ingredients, which we hero as a gift from the sea. it is a red macroalgae extract that protects your skin against pollution, fighting premature ageing. When your skin is exposed to pollution, this can cause an increase in lipid oxidation which disturbs your skin barrier. Contacticel™ works to protect and prevent this from happening. What’s extra special about this deep sea active is, it contains secret cells which specifically works to regulate oily skin. We think it’s pretty special and can be found in Aqua Power Masque.

5. Mamaku Extract

The Mamaku leaf, a New Zealand native Black Fern, found in our very own backyard. This indigenous tree has been used topically for generations as a traditional Maori herbal medicine. The potent nutrients in Mamaku extract are known for its ability to regenerate skin cells encouraging cell renewal. Applying this powerful ingredient, which is in the Aqua Power Masque, you’ll notice an immediate tightening feeling and effect for the plumpiest looking skin yet. 

6. Ephemer

Our hero ingredient Ephemer is another macroalgae active and a powerhouse antioxidant. We call this a hero for five reasons. Firstly, this precious macroalgae contains stable, specific molecules that are nutrient-rich and fast-acting on the skin. it plays a crucial role in protecting the mitochondrial DNA, giving your skin cells long-term protection against oxidative stress, which causes that lacklustre appearance. Its free radical scavenging powers actively repairs skin at a cellular level to protect and reduce the signs of ageing, for a much more dewier , plumpier and comfier complexion. Syrene's Ephemer™ cells is cultivated in photobioreactors as a world-first stem cell technology of macroalgae cell culture. It gives stability, as conditions can be controlled and optimised, allowing for maximum antioxidant efficacy. Lastly, Ephemer was so special for Syrene, we’ve bottled it into every single product, which means that no matter what formula you reach for, you can expect transformative results.

7. Marine Collagen

As we age, our collagen production naturally depletes, which we see in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, aka not so plumpy. This is where collagen-infused skin care has a range of incredible benefits that can improve your skin health for a much more glowy, vibrant complexion. Marine collagen is specifically formulated into skincare to form a protective shield, to care for dry stressed out skin. Syrene sources its Marine Collagen sustainably from the by-product (wastage of the fish food industry) of tuna fish skin.