3 holiday kits to add to your wish list

Refresh and reset your skin this holiday season...

Whether you're looking for a skincare routine or travel-size minis, these kits are ready to be unwrapped for you to discover the true essence of Syrene and the beautiful benefits each product will gift your skin. Each kit has been developed to meet different (skin) needs, thanks to Syrene’s marine and botanical skin heroes and efficacious formulas.

Cost of a well-rounded skincare routine adds up quickly, which is why kits are your best friend this holiday season. Shop a little lighter and sparkle a little brighter with our award-winning products bundled together. 

Here are our top 3 Syrene holiday kits, each providing you with unique formulations and a personalised skincare regime tailored to your holiday needs. 


Set Valued at $89.99 NZD

Our newest addition to the Syrene holiday collection. A trio of products that will send you on a voyage to deeply cleansed skin, eliminating all impurities from the day. Achieve holiday skin in two simple steps and wipe away any impurities with our limited edition, reusable cleansing pad.

Shop the Take a Dip RRP $59.99 NZD.


Set valued at $209.99 NZD

If you are after a more intensive skincare ritual on your vacation, be ready to relax into the moment while your skin is treated to a triple dose of miracle macroalgae Ephemer™. Each formula melts into the skin and revives cell energy to firm the skin and bring radiance. 

Shop Ephemer™ infused Age Defying Kit RRP $159.99NZD.


Set Valued at $159.99 NZD

A true companionship that won’t let you down. This holiday kit offers a complete skincare regimen containing mini size versions of the full Aqua range. Whenever you are traveling, take your Syrene Travel Companion with you to ensure that you cover all bases for your skincare needs. All of our minis are under 50ml - making them the perfect in-flight carry on companion.

Shop the Travel Companion RRP $129.99 NZD.