29 Mar 2022

The Beauty of Slowing Down

Join the ‘serene’ movement. Slow beauty is at the core of Syrene’s values. It’s a philosophy going back to ‘less is more’. Using only what’s necess...
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03 Dec 2021

Ocean Craft

Syrene's constant inspiration is the big blue and so is local Aotearoa jewellery designer, Naomi from Found Treasure. Naomi shares her love and pas...
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22 Sep 2020

Anti-Stress Rituals

Research shows modern life has us more stressed than ever. Add to that the uncertainty and constant change we are experiencing as a collective than...
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09 Sep 2020

The Skincare Diet

This week we chatted to Nutritionist and Dose & Co Founder Libby Boxall on what foods are on her glowing skin grocery list and how to get a dou...
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